MXEdge Lift – Cosmetic Second

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Cosmetic Seconds – minor blemishes!

A lifting edge is quickly becoming the essential training tool in every climbers’ pack. Whether you’re warming up at the crag, or training finger strength at the gym, a lifting edge (a.k.a. lifting block, portable hangboard, no hang device, block pull) is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional hangboarding.

PULL HARDER ON OUR ONE-OF-A-KIND EDGE: We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching ergonomics, usability and peak force production to develop a unique edge geometry that is not only comfier, but lets you pull harder!

7 DIFFERENT GRIPS: the MXEdge Lift includes 3 edges, 3 pinches AND a cheeky mono so that – no matter the climb – the MXEdge can be specific to your training.

SIZE DOES MATTER: The MXEdge Lift comes in 2 SIZES, small and large! Choose a board that matches your ability, preferences, goals, and – most importantly – hand size!

MXLARGE | edge: MX22, MX16, MX12 | pinch: 100mm, 57mm, 16mm | mono: 28mm

MXSMALL | edge: MX18, MX14, MX8 | pinch: 100mm, 57mm, 16mm | mono: 25mm

Cosmetic Seconds – minor blemishes!

The Most Researched and Developed Lifting Edge on the Market

We LOVE training, and we want you to get the most out of yours! So we’ve spent hundreds of hours researching ergonomics, usability and peak force production to develop a unique edge geometry that is not only comfier, but lets you pull harder!

Collaborating with industry professionals, world-class coaches, pro athletes, and physios, we tested 7 variables in a multi-stage study to create our one-of-a-kind edge shape that facilitates maximal loading of all the fingers. We’ve discovered the formula for a testing and training edge that our athletes felt they could give their best performance on.

The MXEdge Lift is designed to be stable in all planes of loading. Goodbye shakey, wobbly, wonky lifts! The board’s cord arrangement helps it stay upright and straight in all configurations, reducing the risk of your fingers pinging off mid-lift. It also facilitates consistent training across sessions, ensuring your fingers are loaded the same way, every time.

A Unique Lifting Edge Designed for Maximal Loading and Maximum Results

The edge’s specific geometry facilitates maximal loading of all the fingers: unlike other edges on the market, we didn’t set out to create an edge that distributes force evenly between the fingers, but instead, to discover which edge shape allows you to pull harder. And what does pulling harder mean? Greater strength gains!

The MXEdge Lift’s unique shape provides increased stability to the hand and wrist. By reducing the requirements on the stabilising muscles, you’re able to focus on loading your forearm flexors and fingers, generating greater force to the muscle belly. This helps activate and engage the target muscles, so that everyone, from beginners to experts, can train pickups effectively.

Our hope is that MXEdge will help maximise the results of your efforts. Over a period of time, this highly optimised loading of the fingers will lead to compound gains, maximising the outcome of your training.

Size Does Matter

Training equipment should fit the athlete, just like any other piece of sporting equipment. In our coaches’ experience, climbers respond best to a training stimulus that is appropriate for their morphology; in the case of finger strength training, where the edge supports the entire distal phalanx (finger tip).

This is why the MXEdge Lift comes in two sizes: small and large.

Choose the edge that suits you: your morphology, your preferences, and your goals!

This is particularly relevant for athletes with larger hands, who often find the standard 18-20mm edge on a hangboard too shallow to support and load the full length of their fingertip.

Ideal for Testing with our FREE Finger Strength Assessment

Here at Lattice Training, we’re obsessed with data! We have the largest database of climber metrics in the world. We’re in the process of collecting the data needed for our brand-new My Lift finger strength assessment!

Find out how strong your fingers are compared to other climbers at your grade and goal grade. How much can you pick up with the MXEdge? Are you stronger than the average 7A climber?!

And, best of all, IT’S TOTALLY FREE!

What is a lifting edge?

A lifting edge (also called a pick up edge, portable hangboard, or lifting block) is a training device used to load the fingers to improve their performance for climbing. They’re quickly becoming a favourite among climbers as an alternative to hangboarding, being more portable, versatile, and convenient. 

How do I use a lifting edge?

As the name implies, we’ve designed the MXEdge Lift for people to lift or pick up with their fingers, using a carabiner and lifting pin to connect free weights to the device.

Different protocols help you target different stimuli. For example, max pick ups target your finger and forearm strength; repeaters help you target your power endurance; and long-duration, low-intensity pick ups help improve your aerobic base! You may also want to use the MXEdge for rehab (although always consult a climbing-specific physio first!). 

When performing a pick up, force is generated within the forearm for finger flexion; this promotes muscle adaptation via changes in size, tendon properties, biochemical efficiencies, and neural recruitment. By increasing your grip strength, you will be able to pull harder, on smaller edges, for longer.

Lifting edges are also a fantastic tool for warming up – at the crag or at the gym. Replace the free weights with a resistance band around your foot to apply gentle, variable force through your fingers to recruit the muscles before performance. Alternatively, you can achieve a similar stimulus by attaching the cord to a fixed point. You could even hang up the edge and use it for deadhangs like you would a hangboard.

Another benefit of a lifting edge is its portability; the MXEdge will squeeze into anyone’s climbing bag. Train and warm up wherever your destination – the perfect tool for the traveling climber, home or away!

Which size is right for me?

Download and print this PDF to compare your finger size to our guide.

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MXLarge, MXSmall


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