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3 Simple Hacks to Crimp Harder

Stronger fingers = crimping harder, right?!

This is an oversimplification and we see many examples which seem to disprove the idea that finger strength must equal improved performance on rock! In fact, for many, finger strength is a hard attribute to train! Coach Maddy Cope knows all about this, not only from her time coaching but also being one of those climbers that seem to break the mould. Having “weak fingers” on the hangboard has not held her back!

In this video, Maddy runs through the 3 subtle but powerful techniques she regularly uses when climbing. This means she has surpassed the performance of many climbers with a much stronger grip 💪

The 3 techniques include:

✅ Push with your lower hand

✅ Taking a foot off to improve stability

✅ Treat positioning your hips as a move in its own right

If you are not seeing your finger strength transfer to climbing performance try out these techniques to see how they can transform your climbing.


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