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Lattice Digital Research Rung Q&A

We answer your questions about the new Lattice Digital Research Rung; covering everything from who the rung is designed for, what’s included in the box, and future plans for the product.

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When to Leave a Project Behind | Interview with Oli Grounsell

Tom interviews Lattice Coach, Oli Grounsell, about his decision to walk away from his most recent project, Estado Critico (9a) at Siurana.

By Oli Grounsell

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Training Lessons from the Over 50s

Tom discusses how best to train once over 50; what your priorities are, and what kind of training might work for you.

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Load Scoring — How it Works

We discuss load scoring; what it means, how to measure it, and how it affects your training.

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Training Series: Power Endurance

This series of articles was originally written for UKC, offering information and insight into different aspects of training. In this blogpost, Tom talks about power…

By Tom Randall

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Training Series: Endurance

This blogpost covers endurance training; what it is, why train it, and how to train endurance as a route-climber or boulderer.

By Tom Randall

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