Every now and then we bump in to interesting little titbits in our data: milestone grades are one of these! In theory we would expect people’s best grades to follow some sort of distribution but it appears the population of climbers “who train” (i.e. the ones who come to see us!) gravitate towards classic milestone grades. Our route […]

Height has always been a contentious topic in climbing. And understandably so! There’s nothing quite so frustrating as watching someone reach past a move you’ve been struggling with for hours! But how much of an advantage is it in practice? Being tall might not necessarily be an advantage as keeping body tension is trickier on steep problems, and of […]

Interview: Will Bosi

Will Bosi recently became the youngest Britain to climb 9a, which is really impressive, but in reality it’s just one facet of his climbing. He’s also climbed V14, podium-placed in multiple European Youth Cup events and won many of the UK Lead and Boulder Comps. These kind of accolades however, often overshadow the hard work […]