Campus Rungs – Cosmetic 2nds


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Cosmetic 2nds – minor blemishes!

When we decide to make something, we do it well and we do it with a difference! Campus Rungs have been around in climbing for a long time, but for too many years the industry standard has been 40cm wide. In our opinion, this is too narrow for the shoulders and results in a less versatile training experience. Meet the Lattice Campus Rung, which is an extra wide 50cm width, perfect for both campus board use and also “on a budget” dead-hang training. Being 50cm long gives your training more versatility and better results.

Like all of our finger strength training products, the edge is rounded off with our perfect angle, which is skin-friendly and consistent with our test methods. This rung is not easy to cheat with skin and conditions!
Attached with 5mm diameter screws (not included).

Note: Non-UK customers may be liable for customs/import duties.

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 5 × 3 cm

Small (15mm), Medium (25mm), Duo (15mm + 25mm)


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