Lifting Bundle 101

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The Lifting Bundle comes in three variations to get you started with arm lifting. The latest in training developments and the best alternative to hangboarding, arm lifting allows climbers to train grip strength in isolation. We’ve created this bundle so you can get all the tools you need to train with intent and accomplish your goals.

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Quad Block

The Quad Block is the latest in grip strength training, a portable pinch block for training and warming-up, designed for use at the gym or at home. It features 5 grip positions that have been designed and developed with industry leading coaches, physiotherapists, grip strength athletes, & sports scientists.


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The Lattice Lifting Pin

The Lattice Lifting Pin is the perfect companion to our Quad Block or any other grip strength "lifting" device and also replaces that annoying sling + weights set up many of us have used in the past!

The product has been designed for climbers, by Lattice and features a climbing carabiner-friendly mounting hole. Usefully, it also sports a Lattice branded cork base for protecting your floors and dampening noise for those late-night lifting sessions.


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Arm lifting is quickly becoming the go to for finger strength gains, but why?

  • By isolating the forearm, the training stimulus is applied directly to the gripping muscles. This opens up new possibilities for training plans, allowing for more concentrated efforts on the shoulders or more time on the wall.
  • Lifting light is much easier, do away with complex pulley setups and swinging weights. Easily progress through your warm up or rehab. 
  • Arm lifting tools are extremely portable and can be used almost anywhere, no need to train in the basement or garage anymore.
  • No DIY! With nothing to mount, no holes to drill, no non-climbing partners or landlords need be upset. Store your training gear out of sight and pull it out only when required.
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Quad Block  



Lifting Pin
Fractional Weight Plates
Heavy Roller

*Does not include carabiner.

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 12 × 22 × 32 cm

Quad Block

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The Lattice Lifting Pin


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