Warm Up Bundle 101

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Warm up your fingers at the crag or gym with our BRAND-NEW Warm Up Bundle 101. Simply clip our portable hangboard/lifting edge, the Mini Bar, to one of five Resistance Bands, and hook the band around your foot to create the perfect finger warm-up tool!

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Mini Bar

Warm-up and train anywhere with our new travel-sized hangboard, the Mini Bar. Our most lightweight and portable fingerboard lets you take our edges on the go and is perfect for hold-specific warm-ups and training. The Mini bar comes with a high-quality precision design and focuses on 4 essential  grips; 10mm, 20mm and an ergonomic jug and mini pinch.

For use  with suspension systems or as an adjustable pull-up bar. Jug, drag, crimp, and pinch on the climbing industries best edges to get fired up for the send!

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Resistance Band 5 Pack

Portable and effective, every climber should have a set of resistance bands in their kit bag. Prepare muscles for intense activity, rehab injury or develop strength, mobility, and balance with a versatile training tool that fits in your pocket. Check out our YouTube channel for ways to train

Use alone, or pair with the Mini Bar for even more effective training.


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In Stock

A climber pulls up a mini bar connected to a resistance band

Save money on these staple warm up tools with Warm Up Bundle 101. Our travel-size hangboard/lifting edge, the Mini Bar, is made with our signature large radius edge, making it extra comfy to warm up and train on! Plus, the pack of five Resistance Bands can be used with the Mini Bar, or by themselves, to warm up and train everything from your wrists to your toes.

Please note: the carabiner is not included.






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Resistance Band 5 Pack

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