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A set of the 4 most useful sizes of pull up bands (tried and tested by our coaches) that can either add or subtract load when training. We use our resistance bands everywhere: at home, in the gym, or on the road, so we’ve also included a gear bag for convenience and safe keeping. Colour coded for easy identification, quickly achieve the correct intensity by using either a single band or combining pull up bands for added assistance. Made of natural latex, these bands are durable, non-toxic, soft and elastic.

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With over 50 variations of pull up sessions from our coaches, they are a clear staple in any climbing training plan. As described in our fundamentals video, they are one of the best ways to train general upper body strength. Making us better at lock offs, powerful moves, and pulling our centre of gravity over our feet. A full set of pull up bands will help you achieve the correct intensity to develop your upper body strength by hitting the desired rep range. Targeting specific energy systems is key to fast development and achieving your goals.


These pull up bands can also be used for:

  • Removing weight whilst hangboarding on either the Triple Rung or Mega Bar.
  • Shoulder girdle and injury prevention: Frontal Raises, External Rotations, Internal Rotations, Pull downs, Pull apart.
  • Upper Body Mobility: Shoulder dislocations, Side bends, Circle around body, Looped V’s, Cross Abduction, IYT Sequence.
  • Warm up routines, often used to target problem areas before climbing.


  • 5kg x1 Yellow 2080mmx6.4mmx4.5mm
  • 10kg x1 Red 2080mmx13mmx4.5mm
  • 20kg x1 Black 2080mmx22mmx4.5mm
  • 30kg x1 Blue 2080mmx32mmx4.5mm
  • Branded Carry Case
Weight 0.76 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 10 cm
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