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NUTRITION WEBINAR: Managing nutrition around more than just climbing/training (19/01/2021)

We talk a lot here at Lattice about how to optimally fuel for climbing and training sessions but what if that is just one part of what you do? What if you also run, ski, cycle, have a really active job or spend a lot of energy running after your kids? What else might you need to consider?

In this webinar, we will be looking at nutrition in this wide angle view, discussing some specific areas that are worth considering and giving you our take on how to manage your intake around what can be a changing, dynamic and varied lifestyle. 

We will lead with some discussion between Tom and Mina and we will also be taking questions.

Date: Tuesday 19th January

Time: 7pm

Capacity: 100 – first come first served!

Link to join:

5 responses to “NUTRITION WEBINAR: Managing nutrition around more than just climbing/training (19/01/2021)

  1. Is there a way to get a recording of the webinar? I missed it, but I’m super interested still. Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi I’m i’m vegan and although I don’t think I have any nutritional setbacks I am interested to know if me feeling totally knackered in the morning is to do with nutrition or just training hard?
    Another important question is would it be better to have non-processed foods And try and create a good diet out of natural foods or is tofu and Quorn okay?

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