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Tom and Maddy: Fear of Falling & Goal Setting Tools

Lattice coaches Tom Randall and Maddy Cope sit down to discuss their own experiences and their work with clients on two topics, of which at least one, will resonate with almost all climbers out there.

The first is the fear of falling and the second deals the subject of goal setting. Whilst these may appear somewhat separate at first glance, Maddy and Tom have worked with both during their pro climbing careers and also help their clients improve on both fronts.

Fear of falling

The fear of falling can be particularly challenging for climbers who flip between cycles of training (indoors and on a bouldering wall a lot of the time) and performance on rock as they’re very different in terms of the exposure or fall practice/experience that occurs. A trip to Spain mid-winter for performance can be problematic when a climber hasn’t been on a rope for potentially a few months!

How long does it take to build confidence or reduce fear?
Can it be “trained” before a trip?
Are there any quick fixes?

Goal setting

Alongside this form of fear, is also some anxiety and stress that climbers feel around how to create and manage goals. Some goals are small, some are larger and much more extensive in the time they require, but almost all follow a similar process. Maddy and Tom discuss a number of strategies they use themselves and also with their clients and athletes.

Exploring “value” in goals.
Having a strategy in preparing for setbacks towards your goals.
How your goals match your climbing “way of thinking” or personal attitude towards growth or learning.
The concept of “holding lightly” to goals.

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