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Busy Climbers: How to save time and train efficiently

Join Ollie Torr, coach and founder of Lattice Training, as he shares invaluable tips and hacks for maximizing training efficiency amidst a hectic schedule! Ollie’s expertise spans from elite climbers to everyday enthusiasts, including military personnel, route setters, and working parents—all navigating demanding schedules while striving to excel in climbing.

Empowering Climbers with Time-Saving Strategies

Whether you’re squeezing in sessions around a packed schedule or seeking to enhance your training efficiency, these proven tactics from Ollie Torr are tailored to support your climbing journey. Follow along to uncover how small adjustments can yield significant improvements in your training outcomes.

Join us as we optimize your training routine to achieve more in less time, allowing you to focus on what matters most—climbing stronger and enjoying the adventure.

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