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Trad Climbing Mind Games

Originally aired at 8pm BST 18th June 2020

Trad Climbing Mind Games and More

In this webinar and slide presentation Maddy Cope and Tom Randall will be taking you on a journey of exploration around the mental side of trad climbing. With 35 years of combined trad and big wall experience, they will be sharing their expertise and educating you on what methods they’ve used to climb their hardest. Both Maddy and Tom have climbed on multiple routes on natural gear up 5.14 (E9) and both freed various routes on El Capitan. Their approach to the mental games around this type of climbing is both varied and methodical and unpins a lot of the coaching work they do with their own clients.

As this is a less “physical-training based” form of webinar, there is an additional change to the format to aid learning points and further inspire your own goals. Firstly, they both present a mini-slide show to provide project-specific context which will include loads of inspiring photos as well! This is then followed by a brief interview between Maddy and Tom, which leads into a live Q&A session with the audience where they pick apart the methods and techniques discussed. All of this will be covered in 2 main topics.

Topic 1: Projects, mental expectations & failure

Topic 2: Fear of falling, danger and overwhelming pressure

The webinar lasts 90 minutes with lots of time for live question and answer throughout the session.

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