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Training For Female Climbers

We’ve got another female athlete-specific “ask Lattice” video for you! This time, we’ve got Maddy Cope and Tom Randall sat in the hot seat answering questions that were posed in our female Facebook group and via DMs. There were absolutely tonnes of questions in the end and it was pretty hard to choose which ones to address!

Both Maddy and Tom took on a broad range on topics and they’re also active within the FB group on a weekly basis. If you’re looking for guaranteed answers to any questions like this, have a look at our new Lattice 365 service – you’ll get access to climbing coaches, a nutritionist AND physio! All for less 33p a day.

Main subjects covered below!

Comparing yourself to others
Dealing with coming back to climbing after time off
Are bouldering and fingerboarding the only ways of gaining finger strength?
Balancing training and climbing outside
Managing training around perimenopause and menopause

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