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Climbing Mental Games: How To Control Fear And Other Topics

Following up from Maddy and Tom’s “Mind Games” webinar, we’ve got them both sitting down on the Lattice Sofa discussing more of their experiences and advice on how to improve your head game in climbing. We thought we’d kick things off with a short story from each of them about when they’d got most scared – yup, they’re definitely not immune to it!

From there, they both delve into some of their tips to improve as a trad climber, what things you can put into place to help your onsighting and what they do and recommend for staying calm under pressure. Last one – and it’s one that comes up frequently – is how you deal with the dreaded resting ledge. Can you leave, should you leave, when to leave?!

What’s the most scared you’ve ever been while climbing?
Top tips for beginner trad climbers
Tips for dealing with the pressure of on-sighting
Staying calm under pressure
How to prepare to leave a rest on a route

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