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Climbing Training With Matt Helliker: Pro Alpinist vs 9a Sport Climbing


For many, it sounds like an impossible task to be at the elite end of both alpinism and sport climbing at the same time. If there’s one man who’s up for the task though, that’s the one and only Matt Helliker! 

Having lived his life at the crags, in the hills and on the mountains, he’s made his career pursuing some of the toughest alpine routes in the world both locally and in the Himalayan greater ranges. To mix things up (ever the guy for a tough challenge!) he started working with Lattice last year, with Tom Randall as his coach and trying to achieve his goal of 9a sport. 

As a public speaker and also someone who’s great at explaining and articulating his passion, we thought it would be valuable to all of you, to sit the coach and athlete together on the Lattice sofa and let them chat for an hour! 

Grab a brew and settle in to learn about what it’s like working with a personal coach, how we deal with setbacks and what training can be done when you’re juggling a lot of sporting interests! Please note that the audio on this recording was below our normal standard as Tom had just had his laptop run over by a car a few hours before. Whoops!

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