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Sticker Bombing Your Lattice Lifting Pin!

The Lattice Lifting Pin, has been a firm favourite of you lovely Latticers since it’s launch in early 2021! A few of you have been wondering how we sticker bombed ours when we first launched it. So here are a few quick pointers from our Product Manager Harley on just how he did it!

“First of all don’t worry about getting an exact match to ours, but I do have some tips…

1. Be sure to save your favourite stickers, to put on last as of course these will be the most prominent.

2. When adding stickers to the base, I stuck them on and cut them down with a scalpel/craft knife, so it looks super neat (I am nothing if not a perfectionist). 

3. Don’t leave any gaps, make sure you cover all of the pin!

Most importantly, enjoy seamless training with your new Lattice Lifting Pin.”

If you haven’t got one yet, remember that the Lattice Lifting Pin is a product that has been designed by climbers for climbers, to make training so much easier!

Not only is it the perfect companion to our Crimp and Pinch Block, but it works great with any other grip strength “lifting” device and most importantly replaces that annoying sling + weights set up many of us have used in the past! It is a 1-inch vertical barbell for stacking weights when training with pulley systems, lifting devices, and weighted pull-ups. It features a climbing carabiner-friendly mounting hole. Usefully, it also sports a Lattice branded cork base for protecting your floors and dampening noise for those late-night lifting sessions.

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