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Female Climber Series: Do You Suffer From Menstrual Cramps?

In the lead up to or during menstruation, cramps can be a really uncomfortable, painful and debilitating symptom for many women. From non-existent to very severe, there is huge spectrum of experience!

Annoying as they are, if we know we are prone to them we can do some things to potentially help ease this period of time. So, how can we navigate troublesome cramps?

1. Know Your Cycle – We say this all the time but it’s so key! Body literacy even in the simplest form of knowing our cycle length and timings can help us to be prepared for what’s to come. If you know when you are likely to get cramps, you can plan to take a de-load/rest week to coincide with them and perhaps consider what you have planned in those few days through compassionate eyes.

2. Painkillers – Using painkillers can help with the day to day experience of managing cramps and may make your experience more manageable.

3. Eat Anti-inflammatory Foods – Research suggests that regular intake of fish, fruit and vegetables, fibre, milk and other dairy products are associated with reduced cramping. This is potentially due to the anti-inflammatory effects of these foods.

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