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Tennis Player to V14 – with Jonny Kydd | Ask Lattice

Jonny Kydd is one of the newer coaches at Lattice Training and has a wealth of experience in climbing and training. Jonny has a BSc and MSc in Sports Science so he’s got the theory covered! He’s also an extremely accomplished boulderer having climbed V14, establishing many first ascents and is getting close on his multi-year V15 project. In this Ask Lattice we ask Jonny about what his formal education brought to his own climbing and coaching, how previous sports have influenced his progression and his top tips for projecting at your limit. Don’t miss this one! 

0:19 – Intro 
0:44 –  What did Johnny learn from formal education applying to climbing 
3:09 – Core training every morning?
4:38 – Going from tennis to climbing 
7:59 – What would you tell your beginner self now 
12:19 – Boulder projecting tips

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