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The Interview With Pro Climber Staša Gejo

This episode’s guest is a professional climber and competition athlete Staša Gejo, whose track record is rarely matched. She has stood in every single position – gold, silver and bronze – across a variety of competitions from World Games, World Champs, European Champs and World Cups, climbed V13 and puts out consistent content on her social channels and YouTube channel which shares her thoughts and journey in climbing. 

Her top level track record extends way back from 2015 where as a junior competitor she won the World Junior Champs in bouldering and combined, so there is a big depth of experience and expertise here. What’s so cool about Staša is that not only is she operating at the top end, she’s also fantastic at communicating her thoughts about her journey in the sport. The ups and downs, and also what works well when it comes to performance – especially around some recent dialogue on the topic of weight.

Tom and Staša talked about:

  1. Her experiences with weight control and early journey as a comp athlete.
  2. The repercussions of a calorie controlled diet at 1200/day. 
  3. How does her healthy weight management look these days.
  4. What does her indoor vs outdoor training and performance habit look like.
  5. Her thoughts on mixing forms and disciplines for performance and training. 
  6. What does her specific finger strength work look like.
  7. How much strength work she finds optimal per week. 

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