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Climbing Injuries with the GB Olympic Physio

Get ready for an eye-opening episode! Hosts Josh Hadley and Jonny Kydd sit down with renowned physiotherapist Paul ‘Huffy’, a climbing injury expert with over 25 years of experience. He is known for attending the Olympics as Shauna Coxey’s physio, and for having an impressive track record in diagnosing and treating the range of injuries climbers face.

Discover the most misunderstood climbing injuries, common myths debunked, and get insider tips for effective rehab. Paul shares his insights of common injuries, both indoor and outdoor, drawing from his wealth of experience.

Ever wondered about Shauna Coxsey’s physio secrets? Paul spills the beans on lessons learned, from elite climbing to influencing the culture of “training for climbing.” Get ready for practical training advice straight from a climbing injury expert.

Topics include:

  • Most misdiagnosed injuries in climbing?
  • Unhelpful physio advice climbers should look out for? 
  • Other than finger injuries, what are the most common injuries climber’s face?
  • Lessons learned from being a physio to GB climbing star Shauna Coxey? 
  • What do climbers keep getting wrong in the ‘training for climbing’ culture?
  • Training advice, from top physio, which climbers everywhere can benefit from?

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