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Pro athlete, Emily Harrington, on climbing, pregnancy and motherhood

In today’s podcast, Lattice Coach, Mina Leslie-Wujastyk, delves deep with Emily Harrington into her recent transition to motherhood with partner, Adrian Ballinger, and their son, Aaro. Emily shares insights into her decision to have a child amidst their adventurous lifestyles and careers, and navigating the uncertainties that came with it.

Emily, a multidisciplinary athlete, has major achievements, not just in international and national sport climbing competitions, but also in big wall climbing, alpine climbing, skiing, and more. The North Face athlete ascended some of the most challenging routes and ascents, including sport climbing up numerous routes in the 5.14 range, Mount Everest, and free climbing El Cap in a single day via Golden Gate.

The discussion explores various aspects of Emily’s journey, including her experiences during pregnancy, her expedition to Baffin Island while expecting, and her candid reflections on postpartum life. Emily opens up about her birth experience, returning to movement and climbing, managing body image issues, and finding balance between motherhood and her athletic identity.

Emily reflects on her attitudes toward risk as a mother and the evolution of her goals since having Aaro, sharing the challenges and triumphs of parenthood in the world of professional climbing. Emily also shares practical tips and tricks for managing training, travel logistics, and sponsorship commitments while being a devoted mother.

Topics include:
– Decision-making process behind starting a family amidst adventurous careers
– Emily’s pregnancy journey and managing climbing and risk during this time
– Expedition to Baffin Island while expecting and decision-making process
– Experiences and challenges of postpartum life, including returning to climbing
– Reflections on attitudes toward risk as a mother and evolving goals
– Practical tips and tricks for managing training, travel logistics, and sponsorship commitments

Join us for this enlightening conversation with Emily Harrington, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain wisdom and inspiration from one of the most accomplished climbers of our time.

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