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Mindset and Elite Performance with John Kiely

Today coach Maddy Cope talks to John Kiely who is an elite performance coach and lecturer with experience across numerous sports. 

John explains the importance of our mindset and beliefs when it comes to training. It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking physical adaptations are a case of “training stimulus in”, and “gains out” and in turn this has led us to coin the terms “responders” and “non-responders”. John explains the deeper complexity of physical adaptations in terms of the impact of our perceptions and introduces the concept of predictive processing and coding. and the idea of responders and non-responders. 

This podcast is a call for us to think more about our training approach, be curious about our monitoring and what works for us at any given time, and build trust in the process.

Main topics:

  • The importance of trusting the process in training
  • A discussion of the generalisation of training principles
  • Understanding the complex of adaptation
  • The importance of mindset in training 

John’s email and social media for queries: 
[email protected]

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