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V17 & The Olympics: Coaching World Class Climbers

Welcome back to the Lattice Training podcast! Today, we have Ollie Torr joining our host Tom Randall, for an insight into coaching V17 climbers, preparing for the Olympics and much more 😏

From coaching, Will Bosi and Toby Roberts, Tom and Ollie also have coached Tommy Caldwell and are coaching Alex Honnold for his next projects. So what is required from a coach to be able to help these high-end climbers? And how do you make the most of training when injured in order to keep at the top of your game?

Well, brew some tea and have a sit because these questions and many more will be answered in today’s podcast 😉

Main topics:

– When does training ‘weaknesses’ stop being useful?
– How do climbers prepare for the Olympics?
– Game-changing exercises for climbing
– Most overrated climbing exercises
– How to make the most out of an injury and come back stronger?
– Coaching V17 climber?
-Replica training being at the cutting edge of climbing

Are you psyched to hear all about coaching some of the best climbers in the world? Tune in to today’s podcast, which is available on various platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, etc., and learn from one of the best coaches out there.

The Lattice jingle is brought to you by Devin Dabney, music producer of the outdoor industry who also hosts the American Climbing Project.

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