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Calisthenics and Climbing | Ask Lattice

In this episode of Ask Lattice Josh talks to Nutritionist, Ed Smith, all about his history of calisthenics training and how it has impacted his climbing performance. Ed had spent years in the gym strength training and playing many different sports before finding climbing. From then calisthenics became his main form of strength and conditioning. 

0:00 – Intro
3:39 – What is Calisthenics?
5:20 – Would you recommend calisthenics as a method for climbers?
6:40 – What does your strength training look like now?
9:50 – Do you need to be lifting heavy to climb well?
12:05 – Does learning to climb, when already very strong, hinder your progress?
20:05 – What would you say to someone that claims they are a non-responder to strength training?

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