Endurance | Finger Strength | Strength & Power | Training Tips

Training Tips for Climbers: Prepping for Spring/Summer Season

As we get closer to longer days and those lovely warm spring evenings, many climbers will be beginning to prepare for the outdoor season. With…

By Raf

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Strength & Power | Training Tips

Front Lever Goals – Tom Randall

Front Lever Goals – Letter from Tom Randall Hey it’s Tom here. I wanted to drop you a bit of a personal story this week…

By Tom Randall

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Nutrition | Women's Training Series

Female Climber Series: Bone Health

We spend a lot of time thinking about developing and protecting our muscles, tendons and ligaments but what about our bones? Our skeleton is the…

By Mina Leslie-Wujastyk

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Training Tips

Training Tips for Climbers: Working Weaknesses

It may not be the most glamorous part of training, but the easiest way for us to make quick progress and become a more well-rounded…

By Jen Wood

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Interviews | Podcast

Interview with Louis Parkinson AKA Captain Cutloose

Louis Parkinson (or Captain Cutloose to some!) is a force of nature… there is absolutely no denying that, whether you’ve seen one of his competition…

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Menstrual Cycle | Strength & Power | Women's Training Series

Female Climber Series: Hormone Cycles and Power

Is it possible to experience power fluctuations through the month? We have recently shared some research showing that upper body power has a large impact…

By Maddy Cope

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Endurance | Podcast

Sport Climbing Training: Resting, Power Endurance & Onsighting

Another round of questions and discussion! In this video we go through some of the most popular topics surrounding route climbing performance and some of…

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Climbing Training Stimulus: Tom Randall & Ollie Torr Q&A

Ok, some interesting topics this time! We have Tom and Ollie on the sofa again, doing more of a deep dive on some of the…

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Interviews | Mindset & Mental Training | Podcast

Resilience and Overcoming Setbacks: Interview With Anoushé Husain

Anoushé Husain is a paraclimber who we’ve been planning to interview for sometime now, but as will become apparent when you listen to this video-podcast,…

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Strength & Power | Training Tips

Training Tips for Climbers: Committing to Moves

No matter how much physical training you do, if you stall out on moves (be it during an onsight or redpoint) and fail to commit, then application…

By Oli Grounsell

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