Interviews | Podcast

Lattice and Wideboyz: Training, Replicas and Crack vs Face!

In this training video we’ve got a very special guest on the sofa – Mr Pete Whittaker! Perhaps the only time, we’ll have both of…

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Education | Finger Strength | Strength & Power

The Truth Behind Strength Training: 4 Pillars – Tom Randall

The Truth Behind Strength Training by Tom Randall We’ve got some words of advice (and theory) from coach Tom Randall on the subject of strength…

By Tom Randall

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Getting Back to Climbing Outside After Lockdown: Improving Your Transition

Many of you are just starting to take your first tentative (or is that psyched?!) steps back into the real world of outdoor climbing again…

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Endurance | Podcast

Short Climbing Projects: Tactics For Trips & Quick Sends

If you enjoyed “part 1” of our projecting discussion, you’re in for a treat. This one is more focused on short redpointing strategies that you’d…

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Endurance | Mindset & Mental Training | Podcast

Long Term Climbing Projects: Tom and Ella Discuss Successful Strategies and Approaches

In this episode Tom Randall is joined on the sofa by premium plan coach Ella Russell. They are discussing two hugely important topics we face…

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Podcast | Women's Training Series

Hormonal Contraception for Female Athletes | Ask Lattice

In this latest video and podcast episode, Lattice coach Ella Russell is joined by Dr Emma Ross and Dr Bella Smith from ‘The Well HQ’…

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Menstrual Cycle | Training Tips | Women's Training Series

Female Climber Series: Periods and the Menstrual Cycle

Periods and the Menstrual Cycle by Maddy Cope It may seem like an issue that only the female sex needs to know about, but this…

By Maddy Cope

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Flexibility | Training Tips

Training Tips for Climbers: Is Flexibility Holding You Back?

There comes a certain point in your climbing when you realise that a lack of hip flexibility may be holding you back from doing certain…

By Josh Hadley

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Research & Data | Women's Training Series

International Women’s Day: Research Stories

At Lattice we have a team of coaches who have dedicated themselves to understanding female physiology and how we can best work with it. This…

By Maddy Cope

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Live Q&A with coach Tom Randall | 5th March 2021

In this month’s Lattice 365 live webinar, Tom answers questions live from the 365 members group about how maintain training/strength/gains whilst also going outside on…

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