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Long Term Climbing Projects: Tom and Ella Discuss Successful Strategies and Approaches

In this episode Tom Randall is joined on the sofa by premium plan coach Ella Russell. They are discussing two hugely important topics we face in climbing; Red-pointing and Projecting! They go through their own experiences with this, sharing their top tips, as well as pointers on how they have helped Lattice clients and athletes in this area.

This episode is part 1 of 2 about projecting, so once you’ve finished on this one, check out our episode on short-term projecting and the differences in approach.

Intro: (0:00​)
Experience with projecting/red-pointing: (1:00​)
Short vs Long Term Projects: (6:54​)
Long Term Projects: (10:46​)
Choosing a project: (11:00​)
Having short sessions: (17:17​)
When to try long term projects: (19:23​)

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