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The Mindset & Training Behind a Guinness World Record

Today Tom Randall talks with Anoushé Husain, who just set the Guinness World Record for the greatest vertical distance climbed on a climbing wall, one-handed, using the same hand in an hour.

Anoushé had joined Tom for a podcast in early 2021 on the topic of overcoming setbacks, as life keeps sending her curveballs. However, this athlete has just become more resilient and stronger than ever.  So today’s podcast will go into the mindset and training leading to this new world record, from goal setting to the strategies she uses to overcome though times and find her own opportunities.

So get ready to get pumped with this podcast!

  1. Details of what the Guinness Record involves. 
  2. The initial formulation of the plan and how the process looked.
  3. The key to staying on track, despite setbacks.
  4. Does Anoushé set herself up for success and prepare for setbacks?
  5. What did she get out of this project?
  6. Advice on how to find opportunities when you get setbacks in your own journey.

The Lattice jingle is brought to you by Devin Dabney, music producer of the outdoor industry who also hosts the American Climbing Project.

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