Strength & Power | Training Tips

Maintaining Strength & Power for Sport Climbing

For many people, the summer months mean it’s sport climbing season. However, over a long sport climbing season, it can be hard to maintain top-end…

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Older Climbers | Training Tips

Climbing Training for Older Climbers

As we age our bodies undergo certain physiological changes that can affect our climbing performance and training needs. From hormonal changes, to declining muscle mass and…

By Lattice Training

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Job Vacancies

UI/UX Designer: Lattice Training is hiring!

We are looking to expand our development team with a UI/UX designer who will work on the Lattice Training app. Together with other members of…

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Does Flashing a Replica Count as the Send?

The Curious Case of Replica Ethics. Does it still count as a flash if you’ve trained on a replica? Is replica training cheating?  Answers to…

By Lisa Bastian

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Interviews | Podcast

Will Bosi: Burden of Dreams V17 Ascent

The moment we have all been waiting for, Burden of Dreams, (V17/9A) has seen it’s first repeat. Burden of Dreams is very commonly known as…

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Lattice Plans

Which Lattice Plan Should I Choose?

Choosing the right training plan for you! We know that it might not be immediately obvious which Lattice plan is going to be right for…

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Mindset & Mental Training | Training Tips

Overcome Performance Anxiety: 4 Practical Sessions for Climbers

To look at how we might overcome performance anxiety in a climbing setting, as well as explore practical sessions to include in our training, we…

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Interviews | Podcast

Aidan Roberts & Will Bosi Talk Replicas, Training and Climbing At The Cutting Edge

Looking for a podcast that has more big grade talk, more cutting edge performance discussion and even more obscure facts about Aidan and Will, then…

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Training Tips

How to: Structure Your Training

In my (Coach Jon Procter) opinion, how we structure our training within the week and within the individual sessions is super important. Get it right…

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Finger Strength | Lattice Plans | Research & Data

Lattice Free Assessments

Over the years we have become known as the data geeks of the climbing world, boasting the world’s largest data set on climbers from across…

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