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Aidan Roberts & Will Bosi Talk Replicas, Training and Climbing At The Cutting Edge

Looking for a podcast that has more big grade talk, more cutting edge performance discussion and even more obscure facts about Aidan and Will, then look no further…

Tom Randall sat down to chat with Aidan Roberts and Will Bosi when they were at the Lock Up HQ filming for the Burden of Dreams replica recently.  Tom aimed to dive into the details of what makes these guys tick, how they’re training and preparing for climbing the world’s hardest projects and what are all the little details that make the difference.


Here are some teasers of what topics are in store for you!


  • Who’s got the strongest fingers
  • Their superpowers
  • Transitioning from comps to outdoor climbing
  • Does climbing get ‘better’ at the cutting edge?
  • Training with replicas
  • Burden of Dreams
  • Strongest boulderers in the world right now
  • Defining moments in their careers


 If you want even more, don’t forget there’s also the YouTube episode about Burden of Dreams to go with this one as well!


Full podcast available on the Lattice Training website and any major podcast platform (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher etc) 🤳

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2 responses to “Aidan Roberts & Will Bosi Talk Replicas, Training and Climbing At The Cutting Edge

  1. If you train on a replica for several years, and then climb the real boulder on your first attempt, it is a flash?
    Do you downgrade the boulder because it didn’t take as many sessions as other hard boulders you did?
    Are there guidelines on the ethics now that super-realistic 3D-printed boulders are becoming available?

    1. Hi Jeremiah,

      Thanks for the comment, some great points of discussion! Here’s our stance…

      1). Yes, it’s still considered a flash.

      2). Whether or not you should downgrade a problem, is really down to the individual and their experience with any given grade. It’s always going to be subjective.

      3). Not that I’m aware of. It might seen as though replica problems are a super new concept, but there are plenty of climbers out there at a high level that train in this way (think Action Direct, Century Crack, Dawn Wall Dyno etc.). Afterall at this level of difficulty it’s an exellent way to train in a highly specific manor.

      Hope that helps, and thanks for listening to the podcast, glad you enjoyed it! We have another video coming out soon with Aidan and Will training on the replica, which has some interview questions we think you will enjoy 😊

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