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Lattice and Wideboyz: Training, Replicas and Crack vs Face!

In this training video we’ve got a very special guest on the sofa – Mr Pete Whittaker! Perhaps the only time, we’ll have both of the Wideboyz on the Lattice sofa at the same time… so obviously the “Ask Lattice” session got straight onto the topic of crack climbing and the training that can be done for it. What have Tom and Pete learnt in over 10 years of specialising in routes, trad climbing and of course the dreaded crack discipline?

Firstly, both Pete and Tom are extremely experienced in their replica training – see also some of our other videos on this subject – so they jump straight into this topic and share their experiences. They also tackle cross-training and how it can be incorporated into performance preparation and what kind of ordering or balance should be on crack vs face. If that’s not enough for you, they get into the discussion of “what size matters” when it comes to training and why some sizes are better than others…

Intro: (0:00​)

Replica training: (2:00​)

What size of crack to train?: (8:48​)

Is cross-training useful for crack climbing?: (13:44​)

Should you prioritise crack or face climbing?: (19:21​)

Outro: (21:25​)

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