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Getting Back to Climbing Outside After Lockdown: Improving Your Transition

Many of you are just starting to take your first tentative (or is that psyched?!) steps back into the real world of outdoor climbing again this week. Whilst this isn’t entirely worldwide, there are many countries we’re seeing promising signs of access to rock, whether that’s bouldering, sport or trad. As we’re in a highly unusual situation, we thought it would be good to sit down and discuss some of the “hot topics” that many of your have been asking us to address. Some really interesting issues here!

1. Is it “ok” to feel rubbish/move poorly when you go back to normal climbing?

2. How do you get back that connection between your lower body and upper body?

3. How do you transfer some of that static strength (e.g. on a fingerboard) to a more dynamic application of that strength (e.g. upwards movement on rock)

4. How do you manage your outdoor climbing alongside indoors training? Should we shift the balance and loading?

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