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3 Common Mistakes In Endurance Training: Tom Randall

This one is for all you route climbers who are doing your base endurance training – or perhaps desperately trying to top it up as…

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Endurance | Podcast

Sport Climbing Training: Resting, Power Endurance & Onsighting

Another round of questions and discussion! In this video we go through some of the most popular topics surrounding route climbing performance and some of…

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Structuring Climbing Training: Session Length, Training Orders & Managing Workload

We’ve got Tom and Ollie on the Ask Lattice sofa again answering some of the biggest questions around how to structure climbing training – this…

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Maintenance Training: The Golden Circle (Why, How, What) | Webinar

With lockdown restrictions lifting and climbers heading back out to the crag with the aim of putting their new fingerboard scores to the test, there…

By Maddy Cope

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Endurance | Mindset & Mental Training | Training Tips

Sport Climbing Lessons Learned in Chulilla

Last week, the Lattice Team headed off to sunny Spain for a working holiday week of sport climbing in Chulilla, a beautiful limestone gorge just…

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Lattice Digital Research Rung Q&A

We answer your questions about the new Lattice Digital Research Rung; covering everything from who the rung is designed for, what’s included in the box, and future plans for the product.

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When to Leave a Project Behind | Interview with Oli Grounsell

Tom interviews Lattice Coach, Oli Grounsell, about his decision to walk away from his most recent project, Estado Critico (9a) at Siurana.

By Oli Grounsell

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Community Stories | Endurance | Finger Strength | Strength & Power | Training Tips

Training Lessons from the Over 50s

Tom discusses how best to train once over 50; what your priorities are, and what kind of training might work for you.

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Education | Endurance

Training Series: Endurance

This blogpost covers endurance training; what it is, why train it, and how to train endurance as a route-climber or boulderer.

By Tom Randall

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