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3 Common Mistakes In Endurance Training: Tom Randall

This one is for all you route climbers who are doing your base endurance training – or perhaps desperately trying to top it up as quickly and effectively as possible! There’s 3 key areas that Tom goes through in this short podcast – all of them are areas that we see at Lattice as being very common issues that climbers frequently neglect to address. 1. Don’t train at just one intensity and/or volume! Look at your level 1 (continuity), level 3 (threshold) and level 4 (high intensity) interval work. They’re ALL important!! Work out your balance and do NOT expect just one type to “solve” all your endurance issues. 2. Don’t train or climb at just one angle or surface type. Look at the degree of specificity and transfer that this has to your trip or projects outside. So commonly overlooked, this one! 3. Management of de-load or rest weeks. Don’t (typically) strip out all volume AND all intensity! Most climbers will want to drop the volume element but keep very similar on the intensity element of their training. In some ways, deload weeks run similar to taper periods…

If you enjoyed this one, there’s also another great episode we did on common mistakes in power endurance training on both our podcast and YouTube channel (video below)

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