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Getting Strength Training Wrong?

Are you Getting Your Strength Training Wrong? by Tom Randall This article is a full-length version of the Rock & Ice article published under the title “Climbers Are Getting Strength Training Wrong!” In April 2021. For the purposes of brevity, the magazine article highlighted only some of the key strength areas… below we dive into […]

Top 5 Biggest Training Mistakes Climbers Make

One of the privileges of working with thousands of climbers and their plans over the last 10 years is that you get to pick out patterns and habits that cause certain results. We obviously all know that everyone’s a little different from the next person, but there are some key behaviours that we’ve seen leading […]

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Training Series: Conditioning & Mobility

This series of articles was originally written for UKC, offering information and insight into different aspects of training. In this blogpost, Tom talks about conditioning and mobility; why they matter, different exercises for each, and how conditioning and mobility can improve your general climbing performance. Find the original UKC article here. For the purposes of […]