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5 Biggest Training Mistakes Climbers Make

1 – First up – Training fingerboard or campus at the END of the session. This is possibly the number one mistake that we see…

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Endurance | Strength & Power | Training Tips

Training Tips for Climbers: Structuring your Training during a Peak Phase

So you’re well into your peak season and you’re getting out on rock as often as possible. But how should you structure your training during…

By Jon Procter

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Education | Strength & Power

Setting Training Goals | Part 2 – Madeline Cope

Catch up on Part 1 HERE Setting Training Goals Click Here For those reading from the northern hemisphere, the summer is finally here (yay)! As…

By Maddy Cope

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Menstrual Cycle | Strength & Power | Training Tips | Women's Training Series

Female Climber Series: Late Luteal Phase, PMS & Tracking

The late luteal phase is the phase we often associate with PMS symptoms, and can be framed as the “lesser” phase when it comes to…

By Maddy Cope

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Training Tips for Climbers: Eliminates, Execution Practise & Projecting

A lot of us get to the stage where we’ve done all the climbs we feel we can at the wall and psyche is running…

By Jen Wood

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Endurance | Finger Strength | Strength & Power | Training Tips

How to Write a Climbing Training Program in 3 Steps

Not all climbers are able to have a training plan written for them by a coach – whether it’s for budget reasons or because they…

By Tom

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The Lattice Mini-Bar and Its developer.

Today we are interviewing the brains behind all of Lattices latest new product releases.. meet Harley Widdowson – a total gear enthusiast, innovator and our…

By Harley Widdowson

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Endurance | Strength & Power | Training Tips

The Importance of Antagonist Training During Performance Phase

Many of us spend a good portion of our year in a performance phase. Whether this is working towards a specific goal or just climbing…

By Ollie Torr

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Finger Strength | Lattice Plans | Strength & Power | Training Tips

Planning Your Bouldering Training: What Matters?

For all you boulderers out there, we would probably guess that most of you are 99% focused on finger strength and leave approximately 1% for…

By Tom Randall

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Mindset & Mental Training | Strength & Power | Training Tips

Tips From the Top: Overcoming Mental Barriers When Training for Climbing

We have Lattice Athlete & GB team climber Stephen Keir (Instagram: @stephenkeir) here today sharing his top tips to overcome mental barriers faced when training…

By Stephen Keir

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