Training Tips

Interview: Iggi Moore – Getting Stronger at 61 Years Old

“This interview was carried out as the result of a Facebook Messenger conversation – it was one of those days where I realised how psyched…

By Tom Randall

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Mindset & Mental Training | Research & Data

Lockdown with a Trad Climber

As a climber, you may have often considered climbing as more than a hobby or a sport, it feels like part of your identity. It…

By Flo Tilley

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Community Stories

Following the Psyche: The Road to 14a | Latticer Stories

Aaron Child writes about sending 14a and V10 on home-turf in Utah, and enjoying the process along the way.

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Women's Training Series

Win a Ticket to the Women’s Bouldering Festival 2019

We’re giving away a free ticket to the Women’s Bouldering Festival 2019 in the Forest of Fontainebleau, as well as a Lattice Lite Plan! Read on to find out how to enter and more about the festival itself.

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Interview: Max Milne, Lattice Athlete

We interview Lattice athlete, Max Milne, on his current progress through the comp season, how he’s juggled training and exams, and his goals for the next three years!

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Training Tips | Videos

VIDEO | Will Endurance Training Improve Your Bouldering Grade?!?

Tom and Ollie discuss how you can use endurance training to improve your bouldering.

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