Training Programs

Lattice training programs are available to anyone who has completed a performance analysis package or a lattice board assessment with Tom or Ollie. With over a decade of program-writing experience between them, they will take the detailed analysis from the assessments and use your goals to create a plan that fits into your lifestyle. It’s extremely important to us that every program we write is tailor made to take this factor into account.

Some of the common questions people ask about our programs:

1. Can I have a training plan that fits around my life and my spare time? 

We’ve found that the most effective plans are those that are followed consistently and with close to 100% of sessions completed. What doesn’t work is the intention to create a new training pattern and lifestyle around the belief that this is what it takes to get better. It doesn’t need you to change your life. It’s about recognising exactly where you are now and how you’re going to get to where you want to go.

2. Why the need for plans based on analysis?

After working with long term clients who perform at the elite end of the spectrum, we’ve learnt that guess work and coaching intuition doesn’t cut it. Sure, it’s effective in some cases, but if you’re trying to eek that last few % points out of a V13 boulderer or 5.14 route climber, then it does matter. The best thing for most people out there, is that this principle also applies to normal people – the methods of the elite trainers are just as effective!

3. Why do you need a goal?

As dedicated and obsessive climbers ourselves we’ve seen first hand the effectiveness of appropriate goal planning. Add to that, the first-hand experience of watching countless training plans followed over the years (and who makes the best gains) and we’re convinced that this goal planning is key to the process of consistent progression.

When you sign up to a training program package you will be one of limited group of individuals with whom we work. We like to work closely with our clients and thus unfortunately can’t always fit everyone in immediately. Your training will be planned so that you know your weekly content, what facilities to use, how hard to train and how much to train. Each session is accompanied by a detailed session sheet that acts as a “recipe” for eventual success.

All training programs are administered by Tom and Ollie and come with online email support for the duration of your plan. We also offer a number of free (within reason) edits to the plan if your life changes at any point – such as climbing trips, family holidays, work commitments or other circumstances. We live in the real world and we know this happens!

Finally, we’d like you to know that entering the training process with Lattice Training should be considered a long term commitment with a minimum period of 6 months. We strongly believe in safe, consistent and effective training methods and feel that short training programs fly in the face of this ideology. Many of the climbers we work with stay with us for a number of years and rest assured when you tick those projects, we’re genuinely as psyched as you are. We think, dream and breathe training. It’s our passion and your goal.

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