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VIDEO | Ask Lattice Ep. 4: Injuries, Replicas and is training for everyone?

In Episode Four of Ask Lattice, Tom Randall and Ollie Torr talk answer your questions on the following issues:

  • How to plan for a goal, even if it’s two years out and two grades from where you currently are — the importance of committing to a long-term project, and giving yourself goals and rewards throughout the process to keep the motivation there.
  • The advantages of one-arm deadhanging versus two-arm deadhanging — how both can be beneficial to achieve maximum strength.
  • How to train with injured fingers — addressing the severity of your injury, taking time out to recover, mobilising the injury to increase blood flow, but most importantly allowing healing and recovery.
  • Advice for making replicas for projects — focusing on the movement and intensity of your project, but being open-minded to trying other beta.
  • What stage does training become useful — how training can be useful whatever the grade, if you are motivated and enjoying your training.

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