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VIDEO | Training Talk with Louis Parkinson

In this video with coach and climber, Louis Parkinson, Tom and Louis chat about how he trains himself and others and what’s important for success. Here’s a brief summary of what Tom and Louis discuss:

  • How to focus on on power in climbing – Louis argues that focusing on the efficiency of using strength and momentum is more important than finger strength itself. Louis gives some example of drills, tips and tricks to get climbers on the wall to use momentum to gain finger strength.
  • The importance of enjoying your training – finding a balance between an effective and enjoyable training plan.
  • How to deal with pressure – in either competition climbing, or outdoor climbing when a fear of falling or pressure from people watching can cause stress. Louis suggests setting challenges in the week before competing/sending – training yourself to deal with external pressures and doubts.
  • How to find people to train with to improve motivation – focusing on progress relative to oneself, rather than others. Finding the balance between climbing alone and climbing with others.

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