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Dreaming Big! Are Your Climbing Goals Big Enough?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to achieve your climbing goals? Some people would argue you need the right facilities, equipment, time, low work stress and perhaps professional support to reach such high climbing grades, however, some individuals have proven that this is not necessarily true. Regardless of your personal approach, training for your goals is a process. In speaking to high-level climbers and athletes, we can always learn another side to the coin, and perhaps find tactics to deploy into our own training.  
So, this is exactly what Andre Neres and Tom Randall are talking about today. Andre is a climber from Portugal who managed to climb 9a before the first commercial gym was even open in his home country while juggling busy family life and the all so common 9-5 working week! 
Part of his success can be narrowed down to travelling as much as possible to famous crags, in order to learn from some of the best climbers out there. As such, Andre has acquired years’ worth of knowledge, so this podcast is definitely not one to miss.
 Topics covered:

  • Why Andre started climbing.
  • His mindset and training structure.
  • What the climbing scene is like, in Portugal.
  • Advice and experience gained from his climbing trips.
  •  Future Climbing Goals.

For Andre’s famous R9ad video, go to the following link:

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