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The Olympics, 9a, V14, Family and a Day Job! Interview with: Tom O’Halloran

In today’s podcast,  Tom Randall sits down with one of Australia’s most accomplished rock climbers, Tom O’Halloran. Having competed in the recent Tokyo Olympic games, bouldered up to V14, and also sport climbed 9a, this guest is a world class disciplined climber with a lot to share.

In addition to his impressive climbing career, Tom has a family and a day job, so he has learnt a lot of valuable time managing skills in order to keep pushing his climbing to the limit. All of this will be discussed in today’s podcast, but if you are keen to see more of Tom O’Halloran, then do check out his YouTube channel (link below), where he goes behind the scenes and mindset of climbing performance.

The main topics for today are:

  • Australia’s Climbing scene
  • Sport climbing for Boulderers
  • Bouldering for Sport climbers
  • Climbing grade progression
  • Juggling Sport vs Route climbing and training plan periodisation
  • Projecting at your limit

Tom O’Halloran’s YouTube channel:

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