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Project Obsession and Managing Conditions: SwizzyBouldering Part 2

Having a family and climbing means a lot of planning and rotating your projects in order to be able to project without missing prime seasons in different crags.  So, today we have the second part of Martin Keller‘s interview with Tom Randall, where they reveal some of their secrets for juggling it all.

Martin, or @swizzybouldering is known by some for getting fairly obsessed with
performing, which has resulted in him sometimes over training, not resting and
not looking at conditions. However he has started to see the benefits of a more
structured approach, as well as picking and choosing the days to get his
project. So tune in to find out more about his approach in this department.

Main topics:

  • Being obsessed with a project and how to manage optimal conditions
  • Benefits of fingerboarding with a structural plan
  • Managing training with family
  • Putting it all together at the end (timing, little extras, partners, and doubt)

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