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Training Talk & Fear of Falling: Ryan Devlin From The Struggle Climbing Podcast

You might well have heard of today’s guest, Ryan Devlin as he has become pretty well known for hosting his podcast – The Struggle Climbing Show. Over the years he has interviewed a number of fantastic and legendary climbers including:  Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill to name a couple.

However something you might not know about Ryan, is that he has been a Lattice client for the last few years. So today coach Tom Randall is flipping the mic and putting  Ryan on the interview podium to chat about his own personal climbing and training journey. 

Ryan is a father of two and also holds down two jobs. On top of this he has improved his climbing grade from f6c+ to f7b+ just in the last year, so he has a lot to share on the hard work he has put in.  Although elements of his climbing journey has been discussed previously in some of his own interviews, today we will deep dive into his personal ‘climbing struggles’.

Topics covered:

  • Ryan’s background in climbing and the journey up until starting a training plan 
  • What goals he set for himself and how his move to Red River Gorge impacted this
  • Meeting Eric Horst at the crag and his initial experiences with training
  • Ryan’s assessment strengths and weaknesses and how he tackled his finger strength
  • Converting power endurance into performance
  • What did deload weeks involve. 
  • His goals for flashing 12a and redpointing 13a
  • How running The Struggle Climbing Show has helped his climbing
  • This coming season and plans for a Lattice Training collab! 

Link to Ryan’s podcast:

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