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Lor Sabourin – Training The Mind – The Warriors Way

Lor Sabourin is a climber well know to us at Lattice – they’ve climbed multiple 5.13s in the US, including a number of bold and scary ones. On top of that, Lor has also recently made a repeat of East Coast Fist Bump becoming the first non-binary climber to send 5.14. We’ve also had the pleasure of working with Lor with their own training in the past.

All in all, this is one very awesome human! Aside from hard, gnarly routes Lor is a highly experienced mental coach and works for one of the most respected organisations in the industry – The Warrior’s Way. This interview with Tom Randall gives us all an insight into the strategies that Lor (and Tom to some extent) has used over the years in work with their own fears and psychological boundaries. Lor talks in depth about their fear of falling – which many climbers will relate to – and also about the concepts of self-compassion, ACT and how your identity can be become a big part of how you climb and treat your own journey of progression. In addition, Tom and Lor talk about the changes in the climbing culture surrounding gender-identity – where it’s come from and how it may change in the future. If you’d like to find out more about Lor, then follow them on @lor_sabourin on Instagram or get in touch via The Warrior’s Way.

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  1. Thank you for this discussion! The first half was pretty introspective, about mental journey and self-love. The second half gave me a lot to consider and a lot of excellent language to frame some problems and ways to grow from those. Lor is such a wonderful person to talk to, so insightful and full of love!

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