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The Training Diaries: An Interview with Ryan Kennedy

This week we interviewed another inspiring Lattice client; Ryan Kennedy, who saw some brilliant finger strength gains after a block of lockdown training with Lattice!

“After the first lockdown I immediately sent my first 7a with the newfound finger strength”

1) – Hi Ryan, so tell us – How long have you been climbing for and what discpline are you into?

Ryan: I’ve been climbing a bit over a year and a half. I did some multi-pitch sport in Chamonix whilst on an acclimation day for Mont Blanc and immediately became hooked on rock climbing. Living in London it’s most frequently indoor lead and bouldering but I really love it all – indoor/outdoor; bouldering/sport/trad. Each discipline is different, but there’s a unique satisfaction to each of them; be it physical or mental.

2) – How did you find it training at home, during a lockdown?

Ryan: Training at home was actually good for me as it was the first time I had any structure or guidance.

I did 3 months of a Lattice Home Training plan focused mainly on finger strength, pulling strength, and flexibility. The check mark system on Crimpd was strangely very effective at motivating me to complete every exercise; and I definitely enjoy the data driven approach to benchmarking on finger strength.

After the first lockdown, I immediately sent my first 7a with the newfound finger strength and hoping to see some similar results exiting our current lockdown.

3) – With lockdown easing now in the UK, do you have any exciting plans for the spring?

Ryan: This spring I’m looking forward to the gyms reopening and getting back to climbing outdoors, particularly at Stanage and Portland.

I also still have many skills to learn, so I will be focusing a bit on multi-pitch trad and sea cliff skills with the guys at the ‘Peak Climbing School’ this spring and summer.


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