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Nutrition For Climbers | Ask Lattice

In this episode of Ask Lattice Josh talks to Nutritionist, Ed Smith, all about what we can do as climbers to support our training and what some of the most common mistakes are. Ed is currently studying a PhD in nutrition, focused on the nutritional intake of climbers. So we are getting insights hot off the press. Ed also covers one of the most asked questions we get asked as coaches, “what’s the best way to cut weight for my peak” and if this is even necessary.

This conversation ran over as we continued to talk to Ed about his experience with calisthenic training. Ed is total beast at this form of training and has many years under his belt. Watch this space, we’ll release this episode in our next Ask Lattice.

0:00 – Intro
1:05 – Haribo or banana?
3:00 – What common habit would you recommend adding/changing for most climbers?
6:50 – What is the best/safest method to cut weight?
15:10 – What does a nutrition plan look like?
24:05 – Any interesting findings so far in your PhD?
32:52 – What can climbers do to better understand their diet?

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