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5 Biggest Mistakes Climbers Make | Ask Lattice

Inspired by an overwhelming response on a recent Instagram series, we covered the ‘5 Biggest Mistakes’ that climbers make in their training. We know lots of you had more questions from this series, so we had Coaches Josh and Ollie sit down on the ‘Ask Lattice’ sofa to go over these 5 points in more detail, to answer your questions!

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Intro – (00:39)

Mistake 1, Training fingerboarding or campusing at the end of the session – (1:22 )

Mistake 2, Not resting! – (5:12)

Mistake 3 , Overworking! – (12:42)

Mistake 4, Training junk mileage in your specialisation! – (16:42)

Mistake 5, Climbing on the same angles of terrain – (22:52)

Conclusion / Outro – (27:27)

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