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The Psychology of Mental Toughness

Whilst we often concentrate specifically on the physical aspects of training and performance, we also have a real passion for psychology and how it relates to climbing. In this episode, I we have a psychology specialist – PhD student and researcher Allegra Maguire, who specialises in applied decision making.

Allegra went from 6a to 7a+ in a single year in climbing and has a practical interest in applying her psychology expertise into the climbing arena itself. In this podcast Tom Randall and Allegra discuss the topic of “mental toughness” and how it applies to sport training and performance.

  1. What is mental toughness.
  2. How does this differ from resilience?
  3. The 4 Cs model of mental toughness.
  4. Mental toughness as a predictor of performance
  5. The state/trait debate, including definitions
  6. Interventions and practical examples

Environmental influences
Challenge management
Social support
Reflection training
Allegra’s Youtube channel:

Instagram: @climbin.psychology @allegra_maguire


MT test:

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