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Tom Randall x The Nugget Climbing Podcast: Interview With Lattice Training

This one is a bit of a special one-off! Tom Randall sits down with the founder of the Nugget Climbing Podcast, Steven to discuss all things Lattice, training and performance. There’s so many things that get discussed in this one, so we’ve put the highlight below with timestamps. We’ve also put all the links to Steven’s podcast at the bottom as well. 

11:25 – Meeting Ollie Torr and testing his finger strength

14:15 – How Tom helped Ollie improve his endurance and efficiency, and a message about patience

18:19 – What Tom did to get strong

23:14 – Key TRX and rings exercises for the shoulders

37:59 – Finger training methodology, and off-season vs in-season training

45:50 – Is increasing training capacity (work capacity) a good goal?

49:20 – Hangboard protocol principles

1:06:35 – Balancing fun and hard work

1:14:42 – The Lattice YouTube channel (My podcast website) (Our episode show notes) (Top Episodes page for new listeners) (The Nugget on Instagram)

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